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Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Highs and Lows of Home Comfort

Cooling your home can take quite a bit of your cold, hard cash. And the air conditioner itself – based on its age, condition and energy-efficiency rating – has a lot to do with whether you’re spending more or less. 
Air conditioners are significant investments for any home. Plus, there’s the operational costs. Overall, you’ll want to look for a balanced investment – comparing the air conditioner’s cost with your monthly operational savings. Here’s your range of options:
  • High/Low – Yes, they cost more upfront, but they also save more.
  • Mid – They’re priced a little lower than the higher efficiency units and have a few less benefits. If you’re replacing an air conditioner that’s more than 12 years old, this would seem like top of the line.
  • Low/High – The lower initial cost won’t bring as high a level of savings on the operational costs, but many homeowners on a tight budget will consider this to be a good value.

Three Steps to Save Energy This Summer

Change your air filter. This is the #1 do-it-yourself maintenance step, and it’s the easiest to do. Simply change out your filter as directed.

Clear the area around your outdoor unit. Make sure grass, shrubs, vines, weeds, leaves or any other debris are at least two feet away from the unit. This gives it the space it needs to pull in air.

Call us for professional maintenance. Your system will benefit from a slew of tune-up procedures. These include checking and clearing your drain, cleaning fan blades, oiling motors, checking connections and removing dirt and buildup from the coil.

Your Whole House Approach to Better Comfort

Instead of piecemealed improvements, wouldn’t it make more sense to consider your house as one whole with many parts – and see how together they can operate better? In the trade, this is called “a whole-house approach.” In reality, this is called “common sense.”

We all want healthy, energy-efficient homes. By healthy, that means the things within don’t make us sick, like poor indoor air. Energy-efficient means it doesn’t cost us more money than we should pay, like energy-hogging air conditioning.

A whole-house approach means we take all areas into account for a more comfortable home overall.

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